Tips to Modify Your SUV for Safety

Sara Abadi

, How-To

The automobile business is going strong in 2020, and cars have come with everything that a driver needs and expects. Top brands have pushed their quality and provide top-end performance and safety features in their vehicles. Modifying your car will help it to stand out from other cars in terms of both appearance and performance.

SUV’s today are almost perfect and powerful for all types of roads. However, you can always look for additional equipment to increase the efficiency of your SUV or enhance its safety features. Many suitable accessories are meant for your SUV and will improve its safety. So let’s discuss more on how to modify your SUV for safety.

Let us know about the best tips to modify your SUV for safety

  1. Install high-grip tires

    One of the easiest and most essential modifications you can make to your SUV is to change the tires. SUV owners usually like to test their vehicles on tricky roads and go for offroading. The stock tires may not be suitable for driving in harsh conditions.

    Visit a local automobile store and select a set of tires that are appropriate for your SUV and will fulfill your purpose. Go for a secure and robust set that will give an excellent grip to your vehicle in challenging conditions like snow, mud, sand, or hilly terrain. Make sure you go for a reliable brand that provides a warranty for the tires.

  2. Install a hitch at the back of your SUV

    It is a good idea to put a hitch on the back of your SUV. It will act as a mounting point for a lot of accessories. You will not need to worry about overloading your SUV’ s boot or rear seat and disrupting the balance of your vehicle.

    A BBQ, spare tire cases, bike rack, tent, etc. are some of the things you can carry comfortably on a hitch. Also, your SUV can run out of fuel someday or get stuck in a deep ditch. The hitch will act as a strong point to tow the vehicle and pull it easily by a recovery vehicle.

  3. Lift kits and suspension

    Based on the parts and arrangement of your SUV, you can get a lift kit installed to boost the ground clearance of your vehicle. It will increase the room under your SUV without interrupting the balance. A lift kit will make sure that road obstacles do not stop your car from moving in a flow.

    You can even replace the factory suspension setup with advanced springs, bushings, and durable hardware to group with the lift kit. Apart from lifting your vehicle, it will also give much-needed strength to your SUV and make it ready for challenging roads and terrains.

  4. Go for a strong bull bar

    A bull bar is like a push bumper attached to the front of your SUV to protect your vehicle from collisions with other cars, poles, trees, stray animals, etc. Usually, they are made of high-quality and strong steel or aluminum to protect in cases of high-intensity collisions.

    Usually, bull bars are suitable for heavy-duty vehicles, SUVs, or police vehicles that chase criminals. You can easily find the best bull bars in your local automobile store. Make sure to buy from reliable stores that sell products from good and trusted brands. A bull bar will enhance your vehicle’s safety to a great extent.

  5. Install a snorkel on your car

    A snorkel is a simple accessory that serves a great purpose for SUVs. It is a must-have accessory for offroaders as it allows the vehicle’s engine to work underwater. The air intake from the engine takes place from the roof height through the snorkel.

    It reduces the risk of water entering the engine and also improves the performance of the engine. If you want to buy one for your SUV, contact trusted sellers like 4WD snorkel Gatton for genuine accessories. The engine’s life will also increase as it will sustain less wear and tear.

  6. Put a light bar on your SUV roof 

    Installation of a stylish light bar on the roof of your SUV will serve two purposes together. It will make your SUV stand out in terms of appearance and style. The stock lights are sometimes not very bright, and the visibility level gets low during the night time.

    A bright light bar on the roof will illuminate everything that is in front of you. It is perfect if you plan on offroading in areas that don’t have street lights and proper roads. When you can clearly see what is in front of your SUV, you will drive safely and reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents and collisions.


Every SUV owner wants to make sure that his vehicle is the best in terms of performance and safety. Do not shy away from buying accessories for your car. In the above article, we read about some of the best tips to modify your SUV for safety. However, you should check and comply with the state and traffic laws in your country before installing any accessories or making any modifications to your vehicle.