Top 10 Educational Apps for Special Students


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Apps that are designed for students or children who need special care can change the way these students access the information and see the world. It can also make them see the world with new eyes and get engage in different activities that can help them in increasing their learning abilities. The app can provide great help to the teachers and parents of students who require special care. For your convenience, the dissertation writing service has made a list of top 10 apps that can help the special students to improve their learning abilities.

These apps can be helpful for children you have autism, dyslexia, or visual impairment. We have made this list of apps that get at least one update in a year and having ratings higher than four stars and are available on the android play store. for more detail you can also visit British Dissertation Help.

Here are the 10 Top Educational Apps for Special Students Available on Android

  1. Let Me Talk: Free AAC Talker

    AAC is an abbreviation of augmented and alternative communication. The app helps special students to improve their communication skills in all the areas of life. It provides a voice to everyone so that they enjoy their life and can communicate with everyone. It gives you an opportunity to arrange these images in a line to improve the learning ability of the child. This is one of the best educational app for special students.

  2. Speech Assistance

    This app is designed for children or students who have a speech impairment. It is a medial AAC app that is intended for special students to assist them while they speak. The utilization of this app is for students and children who have autism, aphasia, vocal cord problem, or any other speech-related problem. You can create phrases of your own and can be placed on the front screen to access them easily.

  3. Autism Therapy with MITA

    MITA is an abbreviation of maternal imagery therapy for autism. This app is unique and is applicable for early intervention for children having autism spectrum disorder. The app contains different puzzles that help the child to analyse on its own and to increase his or her mental skill. It also enables the student to examine various features of the object while improving the examining skill.

  4. Colour Blind Pal

    The app is specially made for colour blind people to help them how it feels to see and observe different colours. The app is a good initiative for students who want to feel the same as the other people who are not colour blind. It also enables the ordinary people to have the same feeling as that of the colour blind people.

  5. Google Text to speech

    The app reads out the text that is written on the screen in a loud and clear voice so that those who have a visual impairment can use this app. Mostly this app is used to read the book in a loud voice; these books can be your favorite book that is readily available on google play store. It can also translate into different languages and can pronounce different words.

  6. Learning Alphabets

    This app can help preschool and kindergarten students to learn the alphabet of the English language more easily. The app enables the students to learn effectively and efficiently, and it has never been more fun than this. The app develops learning, writing, reading, and counting abilities of the child. It engages the students in different games and activities that refine their skills.

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  7. Magnify

    The app is made for those students who have a visual impairment or have short sidedness or long sidedness. It makes your phone a magnifying glass by using the flashlight of the device. It is appropriate when you are trying to read a letter that is written in tiny font or time when you do not want to put on your glasses or lens.

  8. OCR Instantly Pro

    OCR has the abbreviation of optical character recognition. It is a technology that converts the image into the form of text. The app takes the image as an input and digitizes it to form the text, which is the output of the process. The output given by the app can be sent to others by using other available applications, which can be email or text message.

  9. JAB Talk

    It is a communication app that is designed to help children and students who have a speech impairment. It enables them to communicate accurately so that they can communicate easily, and their work can be done correctly.

  10. Special Words

    It is an app that helps the students to develop their coordination between their hand and eye. It enables the students to learn, speak, and recognize new words while keeping proper hand-eye coordination. It provides receptive development of language among special children. 

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