Top 13 YouTube Vloggers to Follow Right Now in 2020

A website or an account where a person can post short videos daily is known to be a Vlog. Recently, the vlog creators have chosen YouTube as a suitable platform to post videos. The vlogging industry is growing very fast in recent days in US, UK, India and many more countries.

Are you wondering what are the best vlogging channels or who are the best YouTube vloggers? We have just what you might need.

Here is a list of top YouTube vloggers of America

First, we need to know what differentiates a good vlogger with the best vloggers. We used various parameters to track down the best YouTube vloggers in America. Which are as follows,

  1. Casey Owen Netstat
    Casey Owen Netstat is one of the best YouTube vloggers of the US. He runs a channel named Casey Netstat. In this channel, there are more than 936+ vlogs. Casey started this channel in March of 26, 2015 and recently, he decided to take a break from vlogging a started uploading short films from march of 2017. The channel reached 11.8 million subscribers recently. His channel got a golden button in 2015 with 1 million subscribers.

  2. Jon Olsson
    Jon Olsson was a professional ski racer in his early life. Then he decided to start a YouTube vlogging channel named Jon Olsson. His channel recently reached 1.44 million subscribers. He recently has nominated as vlogger of the year. Jon reached his 1 million subscribers in January 1st, 2018. This YouTube channel recently reached 3.5 million+ views.

  3. Roman Atwood
    Roman Atwood is one of the best YouTube Vloggers of the US. His channel Romanatwood Vlogs contains a total of 165 videos. He started his daily life vlogging from 2013. Before that, he uploaded many prank videos on his channel. This vlog channel is all about Roman’s everyday life with his family. And if you are searching for a daily life vlogging channel, this is your best option.

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  4. Sam Kolder
    This YouTuber is a typhoon in the vlogging industry. Sam runs a channel named Kold on YouTube. In this channel, there are a total of 72 videos uploaded in just 257 days. His channel recently reached 15 million subscribers and 38 million views. Sam Kolder can concede to be the most active YouTube vlogger, and these qualities put Kolder into the list of top YouTube Vloggers of the US.

  5. Sawyer Hartman
    Sawyer has the record to upload videos most frequently in his channel named Sawyerhartman. This channel consists of over 523 videos in 1354 days. Sawyer uploads mostly travel vlogs and film makings on his channel. The visuals of each video are impressive. Sawyer Hartman recently reached 1.8 million subscribers, with 119 million views.

  6. Joey Graceffa
    Joseph Michel Graceffa is a YouTube content creator with three channels. His main channel Joey Graceffa is a vlog channel. Joey started the channel in 2017. Now, this channel has over 9 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion views. This YouTube channel reached 100k subscribers in 2012, and just after one year, the channel hit 1 million subscribers.

    According to the natural beauty captured in the screen and Videography:

    Videography is an essential parameter for the vlogging. It is a significant factor that influences one’s channels.

    Capturing natural beauty is also an excellent parameter for a vlog. Especially for the travel vlogs, scenic beauty can be considered as the most valuable factor for the video.

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    So, the list of top YouTube vloggers of the US is now continuing based on the scenic beauty captured in the camera and the Videography. Travel lovers from all around the world surely love these picks for these travel vloggers. 

  7. Louis Cole
    Louis is a YouTube content creator having the channel Fun for Louis. Louis spends his life traveling the various parts of the globe, and the cinematography of his videos cannot get any better. Louis is always on the road doing fun activities with his friends. He leads more than a fantastic life, and if you are a travel lover, these vlogs are just what you need.

  8. Lindsay McCormick
    Lindsay is a former surfer instructor; after some time, she started her channel Lindsay Mc. She traveled over 45 countries on her own and documented the videos. The scenic beauty in her video makes her one of the best YouTube vloggers of the US.

  9. Ben Brown
    Ben is a former athlete, and now he has started a YouTube channel called Mr. Ben BrownHe posts daily videos on his YouTube channel. Ben can be said to be the master of visual. His vlogs never fail to amuse the audience as the natural beauty captured in his camera is jus awesome.

  10. Christian LeBlanc
    Cristian LeBlanc is a daily vlogger having a YouTube channel lost LeBlanc. He left his full-time job and followed his dreams to travel the world. His Videography is tremendous, and the places he visits are simply gorgeous.

  11. Nadine
    Nadine is an energetic travel vlogger having the YouTube channel named Hey NadineShe has a passion for traveling across the globe. She went across 49 countries over the last six years of her career.

  12. Kristen Sarah
    She is a travel vlogger having a YouTube channel after her name Kristen Sarah. She documents her crazy adventures throughout the globe and uploads it daily. Mostly she travels independently.

  13. Rosanna Pisano
    Rosanna Pisano is a food vlogging channel having over 8 million subscribers. The quality of the Videography is exceptionally high. In this channel, various foods around the world are shown with high efficiency.