What is Other Storage on Mac or MacBook and How to Remove it

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Other storage on Mac is an inseparable part of your disk storage that accumulates lots of files that don’t fall into clearer categories such as “Audio” files. It contains some important and many junk files. You may wonder why it even exists on your Mac. Well, Mac uses many of these files to make sure apps & programs on your system run smoothly. While some of these files are important for your Mac, still there are few you can get rid of. Let’s discuss what other is on Mac storage and how to clean it. In addition to built-in steps, you can also use the best Mac cleaner to remove this unnecessary junk. 

What is Other on Mac Storage?

As we discussed before, other storage consists of files that don’t fall into any specific category such as “Photos”, “Audio” etc. Apple explains Other Storage as a location that contains files that don’t match the specified types on the chart, such as movies, apps, audio, photos, etc. It may include files such as macOS system folders, system temp files, cache files, hidden files, personal user data, fonts, extensions, plug-in, disk images, archives, and more. 

Where to find Other Storage on Mac?

To find what is other on Mac storage, click on the Apple icon in the menu bar. Here, choose About this Mac and click on Storage tab. You will probably find the Other Storage on Mac is occupying the most space in comparison to other file categories. 

Other Storage on Mac
Other Storage on Mac

As most of these Other Storage files remain hidden in the Library folder, you can check the Library folder on your Mac to get rid of this digital junk. To do this, open Finder and click Go in the menu bar. Now click on Go to Folder and navigate to the following directory: ~/Library.

what does other mean on mac storage

Now you will be able to see all files which are included in the ‘Other’ category.

view other storage on mac

How to Delete Other Storage on Mac?

Remove Extensions

There remain a lot of extension files on your Mac such as web browser and screensavers extensions, installation files, plug-in, and more that occupy a lot of disk space unnecessarily. Whenever you download any file from the Internet, it simply goes to the Downloads folder. You can open and clean this folder to remove unnecessary files. Here, you can remove installation files, .dmg files, and .pkg files. To find & remove Internet plug-in, go to ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins. 

To delete screensavers, go to Finder, click Command + Shift + G keys and head to subfolder ~/Library/Screen Savers and tap Go. Now Trash all screen saver files from here.

Clear Cache

To clear cache files, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Finder
Step 2: Press Command + Shift + G keys.
Step 3: Here, navigate to ~/Library/Caches directory.

what does other mean on mac storage

Step 4: Now find out all app cache files here and remove them.
Step 5: To remove cache files from other folders, navigate to:
~/Library/Application Support

Delete Unwanted Documents in the Other Storage

To do this, go to This Mac. Click on the first dropdown menu and select the ‘Other’ folder.

what is other on mac storage

Now select File Extensions and File Size from Attributes list and specify the values. Click Ok.

Here remove all obsolete large files or move them to an external storage device.

Use Best Mac Cleaner Software

Now that you have tried manual steps to get rid of unnecessary files and folders from Other Storage, the next effective thing you can do is to use the best Mac cleaner tools for instant results. Let’s review some of these tools here. 

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is one of the best apps to clean Mac and optimize it for better performance. Using this best Mac cleaning software, you can free up valuable space and speed up system performance significantly. This advanced tool brings three unique cleaning modules to clean and secure your system. These three modules include:

Malware Scan


Under this module, the app will deep scan your system storage to find and remove all malicious content. Thus, it protects you from various cyber threats.

Junk Scan


This module of the app scans your device storage to find and clean all junk files effectively. During the process, it cleans log files, temp files, cache files, and more. 

Privacy Scan


Under Privacy Scan, it will clean all your browsing history, cookies, and cache to keep your online activities secure. 

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Advanced Tools

In advanced tools, it works as a duplicate file remover, app uninstaller, and helps you remove failed downloads, and more.

Mac Booster 8

IObit - MacBooster 8

With MacBooster 8, you can enjoy a faster and more stable system performance. It brings cleaning & security modules to keep your system in good health. Being one of the best Mac cleaning software, it cleans up to 20 types of junk files. Additionally, it protects you from malware threats in real-time for better security. It also helps you fix disk permission issues and clean junk from various apps on your device. 

Disk Clean Pro

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The next best app to clean a Mac is Disk Clean Pro. You can use this advanced solution to de-clutter your disk space and boost overall system performance. It scans, analyzes, and cleans redundant files and obsolete data to free up valuable disk space. With an automated cleaning module, it helps you clean all junk files effectively. Additionally, it works as a duplicate file remove, Internet privacy protector, and more. 

So, this was more about Other Storage on Mac and how to clean it. Do try these steps and share your feedback in the comments below. 

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