Why is Vehicle Graphics Considered as the Unique form of Advertising?

Whether you run a small local business or an established organization, the growth of the company is dependent on customer acquisition and retention. Every company makes a significant investment in advertising to reach out to potential customers and retain brand recall among existing customers. In the UAE and Dubai alone, organizations spent close to $3.4 billion in advertising in 2019. Out of all the different modes of advertising, vehicle graphics in Dubai have become one of the most popular ways to reach out to customers.

There are many advantages to choosing vehicle graphics as an advertising medium. It is a unique form of advertising that combines both traditional and contemporary methods for better visibility. Let us see how vehicle graphic advertising can benefit you. 

Improved Attention

In a cosmopolitan city like Dubai, the majority of the population is a working population. Thus they are constantly on the move. If you want to attract their attention, traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, radio, and TV advertisements may not be the best choice. Even though digital advertising works wonders, there is so much information online that it is hard to understand if your advertisement is getting noticed by customers. When you opt for vehicle graphics, you have a chance of being visible to approximately 3000 people a day. Also, most people take a fixed route so vehicle graphics in Dubai when showcased on these popular routes can retain the user’s attention significantly. This way vehicle graphics advertising in Dubai is taking digital marketing methods to a traditional landscape and grabbing more eyeballs for the business. 

Brand recall

Now, for any organization just grabbing the user’s attention alone is not enough to enable conversion. All businesses today have to create a unique identity for themselves. They have to establish a brand image for themselves and this is what most organizations want out of their advertising efforts. Using simple words and graphic aids, vehicle graphics advertising can take the brand to people’s doorstep easily. Also, the subconscious engagement of users is quite high with vehicle graphics, although they do not actively engage with the advertisement they are sure to remember it and automatically associate with the brand. Also, since mobile billboards or vehicle graphic advertisements are attractive and easy to read, they leave an impact on the minds of the people. You can also use brand colors and company taglines in the advertisement to get the users to associate with your brand identity easily. 

Easy to update

There are different forms of advertising as we all know. You can print ads in newspapers, run TV advertisements, radio advertisements, and engage in promotional activities as well. However, in all of these forms, the content you put out there is quite static and it takes a lot of money and effort to update them. In this case, mobile advertisements such as vehicle graphics in Dubai have a unique advantage. Generally, people use vinyl stickers with letterings and other graphic aids which can be easily modified for a new campaign. You can add designs with new offers, sales campaigns, and product launches on the existing landscape to save money. Thus making this form of advertising one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach the general public. Modifications on the vehicle graphics take a very short time and thus not very tedious as compared to other traditional mediums which are cumbersome. 

Get additional value out of cars

Many small businesses use cars for delivery of their goods and official visits and purpose. Potentially, these cars are both an asset and an investment. Using these cars as a medium of advertisement such as vehicle graphics, businesses can expect to get good returns. These cars travel to different parts of the city to reach customers and become an excellent medium to draw people’s attention. Moreover, when people see your advertisement in a neighborhood of existing customers, it increases your credibility. The team driving the vehicle gets to assess the user’s response and handle any queries on the spot. This takes user engagement via advertisement to a different level altogether.

Moving billboards

Billboards have been one of the most popular methods of launching advertising campaigns for many years now. However, depending on the location, demand, and size of the advertisement they can become quite expensive. They are not very easy to design and their success depends on various factors. A wrongly positioned billboard can be a dud investment derailing the entire campaign. Advertisements on cars, buses, and small vans or any other vehicle graphic in Dubai essentially serve as a moving billboard. They have all the pros of the billboards, however, at the same time, they are not only cheaper but also circumvent the location issue quite well. You can always change the route or increase the frequency in a particular route without having to increase the budget and entirely re-do the campaign. 


In today’s age of the internet, digital marketing is the not-so-secret mantra that everyone swears by. However, it can be quite expensive to reach a wider audience on a regular basis. Advertisements using vehicle graphics in Dubai are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertisements. This kind of advertising campaign reaches the local population easily without incurring high investment. The costs can vary based on the vehicle type, the graphic used, and the distance covered. However, when compared to other forms of advertisement, they come to almost 40% of the cost of other advertisement mediums. 


The popularity of using Dubai vehicle graphics for advertisement and user engagement is increasing day by day. It is one of the most unique, creative, and innovative ways of advertising. It is cost-effective, locally targeted, and easily relatable. Using them can give every organization a clear advantage.