Preparing Your Plumbing For House Guests

Having guests over, whether they are just visiting for the day or are staying for multiple days, can mean a lot of planning. You will probably be planning meals to cook, sleeping arrangements, entertainment, and more. What about your plumbing? It’s a no-brainer your guests will be using the toilet, shower, and whatnot, so what can you do to prepare your plumbing for house guests? Here are some objectives you may want to add to your to-do list when it comes to preparing for house guests:

●     Check The Water Heater!

Hot water is a necessity for every household, and this is especially true when it comes to having guests over! Check your water heater to make sure everything is running smoothly, as well as checking for damages, sediment buildup that can impact your water’s temperature, and any other maintenance needs.

●     Clean The Drains!

If you are hosting guests for a few days, you don’t want to have to deal with any clogs or backups in your shower or sink! Call a professional plumber to provide a drain cleaning service that will leave drains working efficiently, and leave you with peace of mind that your guests won’t have to deal with foul odors, backups, or any other drain issues!

●     Keep That Garbage Disposal Working!

Having guests over means having a lot more waste after meals. Before and during your time with your visitors, be sure that your garbage disposal is working just as it should! This means avoiding throwing some items into the garbage disposal, such as grease, bones, fruit peelings, ground coffee, eggshell, and other thick or gooey food waste!

●     Toilet Paper In Toilets Only!

Though you may not always be able to remind your guests about the rule of toilet paper being the only thing going in toilets, keeping a waste basket near the toilet can make sure guests remember to toss any other waste into the trash can instead of flushing it down your toilet. The dangers of flushing anything besides toilet paper down a toilet includes clogs and chaos that you don’t want your guests to go through!

●     Have Your Plumbing Inspected!

Tie up all loose ends by having a professional plumber check out your plumbing system for any damages you may have missed! They will also offer you handy tips and advice to make sure everything is working smoothly.


If you are having guests over soon and have a plumbing emergency or would like to get a plumbing inspection or further maintenance, enlist the help of a professional plumber in Apple Valley, plumber in Los Angeles, Whittier plumber, Pasadena plumber, or Fontana plumber to make sure your plumbing is in excellent working condition. Guests can mean your plumbing is getting some extra use, so being safe and ensuring there is no need for any plumbing repairs can mean you can get back to hosting with confidence! Now sit back, and enjoy this much-needed time with your friends and/or family!

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