Tips On Staying Cool For The Summer

As the days get longer and the temperature starts to rise, many of us will be seeking to stay cool and fresh throughout the summer season. How can you keep your household cool for the next few months? Here are a few tips on staying cool for the summer, without having to sacrifice your budget!


Chill Out In Bed!

Go for cotton sheets that keep your bed fresh and cool when the weather starts to swelter. Silk and other materials may actually end up trapping heat, so trade in your old sheets for a clean pair of refreshing cotton ones!


One of the most basic tips for staying cool can also be one of the most overlooked. Hydrate with your favorite infused water, lemonade, and any other tasty ice cold drink while you hang outside your home with the AC on. Keeping hydrated can help your body regulate its temperature to keep you nice and refreshed!

Close The Blinds!

Blackout curtains can be the perfect solution to blocking out the sun’s rays at the peak hour. Did you know this peak hour is not at noon like often believed, but around 3 pm? Close the blinds, invest in a good pair of blackout curtains, and chill out while beating the heat!

Get A Sweet Treat!

Ice cream has always become the dessert of choice when it comes to a sweet way to beat rising temperatures. Enjoy your favorite ice cream flavor or popsicle as a way to cool down after a hot day!

Take A Dip!

If the temperature is just way too hot and you need to find relief ASAP, then a quick dip at a local pool or even a friend’s house can be the perfect way to cool down. Take a pint of ice cream over to a friend’s house so you can enjoy their pool- and share a refreshing treat in return!

Cool Those Hot Zones!

Cooling down your pressure points can offer immediate relief when you’re feeling too overheated. Grab an ice pack or a frozen water bottle and apply it to your ankles, wrists, temple, neck, elbow bends, and behind the knees for an instant cool-down!

Keep Your HVAC System Efficient!

Replace air filters, get repairs, and obtain regular maintenance services as needed to keep your AC running when the temperatures are too hot, so your energy bills won’t suffer!


If you’re looking for a professional HVAC company to complete an AC service in Long Beach, Southwest HVAC is the dedicated company you can trust. Once temperatures start to rise and you feel like a puddle of sweat, a fully functioning AC can be the one thing that keeps you feeling cool and refreshed. Following other tips mentioned above and keeping your AC well-maintained can keep you feeling good when the temperatures start to get unbearable, while keeping your electric bills low as well! Call us now to learn more about our repair and maintenance services!


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